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2008 Honda Accord
I purchased this car from a friend in 2005, and promptly drove it across the country. It has never let me down and was even gracious as I learned to drive standard. Most people don't guess that it's a 1998, it's in great shape! My da...
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2008 Honda Accord
One of the best things about my Honda Accord, besides the smooth ride, is the "wrench". When I press the indicator button, the display tells me how much life is left in my wrench. When it gets to 15%, it tells me that it is time to call t...
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2011 Honda Civic Sdn
My 2011 Honda Civic just suits me. It delivers a smooth ride and is very responsive. Lease payments are affordable. If I can cite an aspect that can be improved , it would be fuel-efficiency. I mainly drive in the city, and with gas prices, it would ...
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2013 Honda Civic
I have a 1992 Honda Civic Si hatchback and it is running great. It is a great compact car and good on gas. I have regular maintenance at the Middle Gate Honda since 1992 and the car has 165k kilometers on it. My car is due back for maintenance soon...
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2009 Honda Civic
The design of the 2009 Civic LX-SR Coupe is sleek and very sporty. One tradeoff, however, of having it look sporty is that it's very low to the ground. This means that the clearance above the ground when it snows is much more limited compared ...
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2012 Honda Oddessey
Good power. Lots of tech. Kids love it!
2008 Honda CRV
i have been a Honda diver for over 25 yesrs. From my 1988 CRX to my current 2003 CRV. The satisfaction that Honda has given me over the years will make me look to Honda as my preferred manufacturer. I am a Honda Guy. Even more important is the peace ...
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2008 Honda Civic Cpe
My civic is awesome
2008 Honda Accord Sdn
My first experience with the Accord was a 1997 that I absolutely loved for it's problem-free reliability and attractive appearance. I purchased my car slightly used (6,000kms)and again have been impressed by it's reliability and comfort. I ...
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2012 Honda CR-V
Very stylish and elegant car. All features are categorized as class "a". This is my dream car.