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2012 Honda CRV
I bought this car many years ago now. It still runs. I like it as it is built very solid. Here in Vancouver i've been hit by several other drivers. Their cars are not built as solid so have more damage. This is a very safe car.
2013 Honda Odyssey
The 1999 Honda Odyssey has lots of power, tons of room in the car, and decent gas mileage. While it might not be the best minivan in today's market, it certainly does do its job quite well. It comes with tons of features: power windows, locks, p...
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2013 Honda Civic
My family only drives Hondas - it's a great little car, good on gas!
2010 Honda Accord Sedan
While we dont actually own a 2010 Accord, we had access to one for a little more than two weeks and we can say it is a great car. The car felt really roomy inside, had decent fuel consumption, and also a decent interior. The car we had was a ...
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2010 Honda Civic Cpe
I purchased this car specifically for my 80 mile a day commute. It has yet to let me down. As for performance, I knew this wasn’t a speed racer and didn’t expect it to be. It speeds up well for a very small car and keeps me going just fine. The i...
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2010 Honda Civic Cpe
The 2010 civic coupe overall is a pretty neat car. Gas mileage, I found is still great, but compared to the older generation of civics lacking. Performance wise, the vehicle does a great job of getting from point A to point B without driving the surr...
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2012 Honda Civic Cpe
The new 2012 Civic coupe had a very big change on the whole car. Compare to the 2011 model it adds bluetooth and the Econ button,those two is most likely recommend to others.
2008 Honda Civic Sedan DX
At the time, Honda released a controversial design, a two-tier driver's dashboard. This design was accepted by half of the population. After spending time driving this car, the simple two-tier layout has shown its purpose: to organize and displa...
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2010 Honda Element
The 2010 Honda Element meets all its promises. It is very spacious, comfortable, and functional. I enjoy it each and every day but as gas prices are on the rise and as cool new electric vehicles are announced nearly on a daily basis, I am thinking th...
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2008 Honda Odyssey
We have a Honda Odyssey van and have had it since 2007. We have been extremely satisfied with its ride, feel and dependability. We test drove several different vans but the Odyssey had the best options and felt the most solid. Any warranty issues ...
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