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2015 Honda 0
Very good on gas, could be better though. .. seats are comfortable even though I have a two door civic I haven't had complains from friends getting in and out of the car. Trunk is large enough for me to carry my skis and other sports gear inside...
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2011 Honda CR-V
I love my CRV. This is my second CRV. MY first CRV Gave me ten years of worry free service. This one will be another long lasting relationship. Dependable, safe, and lasting elegance. It is never out of service or fashion.
2015 Honda CRV
I love my Honda CRV. Its get in and go experience is amazing. It gets me and my small family everywhere. All the vehicle has required is regular maintenance and it keeps going and going. It gets great gas mileage. I love it and I don't think I e...
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2010 Honda Fit
I have owned my 2010 Honda Fit for over a year now and I must say, its a fantastic little car! It gets good gas mileage, has a peppy little engine, is a blast to drive and you can fit a small village in the back! Me and my wife love the Fit! Thanks f...
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2013 Honda Accord Sedan
I love my 2013 Honda Accord v6 sedan touring model. The only complaint I have is that when I park on an incline the lid of the trunk does not stay up when it is opened.
2012 Honda Accord Cpe
It s my wifes car, she loves it. I take it for a ride at times.....smooth.!
2010 Honda CR-V
Honda CRV AWD is a great vehile
2013 Honda Civic Sdn
We are a Honda family. When it was time to buy a newer vehicle, we didn't consider any other make of vehicle. We went to the dealership knowing exactly what we wanted and walked out with exactly what we expected - a sleek, stylish, efficient, sa...
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2009 Honda Accord
I am supremely pleased with the service I receive at Middlegate Honda and my 2006 Honda Accord still drives like a new car. I can't imagine life without it; I just about live in it!!
2011 Honda CR-V
My first time having Honda made SUV which is 2011 CRV. If I wait for one more month that time I can have 2012 model. To me a bit reluctant to have new model (esp. In complete change in design) bcz I had a bad experience with lots of minor problems, I...
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