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2014 Honda CR-V
Love the car...it handles nicely and on an incline, does not roll back like the past cars of mine. The only possible problem is the rear parking camera which at night, it is very hard to distinguish the side walk edge.
2010 Honda Fit
My Honda Fit Sport serves me well from the day it was purchased. Excellent car for daily use in town & highway. Tons of cargo space for shopping with great fuel economy. I definitely would recommend this car for singles & small families.
2013 Honda Pilot
I bought my 2013 Honda Pilot in January 2013 and have been completely satisfied with both the vehicle and the service at Open Road Honda in Burnaby. It handles well on the road, has more than adequate power and plenty of trunk space for my son'...
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2014 Honda CR-V
Purchased the vehicle in January and continue to be amazed by the technology and the smoothness of the ride.
2013 Honda Civic Sdn
I like the exterior of cleaner side profile and the 17" rims look really nice. I like the interior of heated leather seats. I like the visibility out of the car, you get a decent view of around you. In short, the Honda Civic Touring isn't...
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2012 Honda Pilot
Excellent family hauler! Spacious, functional, enough power for our needs. Makes road trips an absolute joy. Kids love the RES. Interior design is very user friendly.
2014 Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V is the best medium SUV on the market with a reasonable selling price in the low $30k range including taxes and all other levies. The basic all wheel model is already equipped with everything needed as a medium sized SUV. The quick turn i...
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2015 Honda 0
Fantastic car very reliable over the years, and I highly recommend to any one to making a purchase of a Honda vehicle.
2012 Honda Odyssey
This is a good van for family who have children. It large enough, comfort and easy to get in and out. We love it.
2013 Honda CR-V
During the summer time, our family went to a lot of road trip, camping with a new Honda CR-V. The steering is always smooth even on the rough road and all the passengers including myself and my 1 year daughter could have enjoyed the driving. It'...
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