November 12th 2015 by Morgan Davies

For the fifth time, B.C.’s largest volume dealership group earns top spot in Aon Hewitt survey.

August 20th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

The 2016 Honda Accord, on sale this fall, has been refreshed and will feature Android Auto that integrates Android smartphones with the car's infotainment system.

June 8th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

We explain Honda's Earth Dreams Technology, an initiative launched four years ago focused on developing the company's next-generation powertrains.

May 16th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Before the 10th generation Honda Civic launches in the fall, we reminisce over some pivotal moments in the model's 42-year history.

May 11th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Never heard of a subcompact crossover? Think of it as the "Mini Me" of the SUV world.